This Chocolate Game Controller Is Perfect For The Chocoholic Gamers

Chocolates and video games are two of the most addictive things in the world. Now, imagine putting these two things together. This Etsy shop creates a chocolate game controller that will make both hard core gamers and chocolate addicts drool. So, if you’re looking for a unique gift for the gamer in your life then consider your problem solved.

Luscious chocolate in the shape of a PlayStation controller, this is unquestionably the coolest and sweetest treat you could give to a chocoholic. This delectable confectionery is a life-size replica of a Playstation controller. It features a 3D shell complete with the D-pad, buttons, left and right analog sticks, triggers, start and select buttons and the PS button. This edible controller looks so realistic. You can prank your gamer friend by switching their controller with this. And they won’t even notice the switch right away.


Chocolate Game Controller

milk chocolate game controller

The chocolate controller comes in 3 flavors in 3 different colors. Dark chocolate in a dark brown-colored shell, milk chocolate in a brown-colored shell and white chocolate in a white-colored shell. All flavors feature grey-colored pads and thumbsticks with buttons in yellow, red, green and blue colors. It measures 7 inches wide and 5 inches tall, just like the actual thing to make them feel like they’re holding the real thing.

chocolate game controller


dark chocolate game controller


playstation inspired confectionery


chocolate game controller size comparison

This chocolate controller comes in a clear covered gift box with a bow. So, you can send it directly to the recipient without the need for additional wrapping. If you’re planning to send it to a country or location with a warm climate, we suggest that you opt for cold shipping where your item will be wrapped in ice pack to prevent it from melting during shipping. One satisfied customer wrote:

“I was so impressed by how realistic it looked and how sturdy the chocolate was. There were no breaks and it was wrapped securely in bubble wrap and a nice little ribbon. Tasted awesome too, like creamy European-style chocolate. My fiancé loved his gift!”

chocolate game controller realistic


playstation inspired confectionery box


edible playstation control


dark chocolate playstation control


edible playstation confectionery


playstation inspired treat

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Source: Etsy