Joanne Documents Her Husband’s Attempts At Making The Bed After Doing It Herself For 45 Years And It’s Hilarious

Married couples typically develop a natural rhythm when it comes to their home life. Tasks and responsibilities are carried out without question by one another. Wives typically take the role of superwoman and take care of nearly everything her family will need to live healthily and happily. On the other hand, husbands must ensure that their family is provided for and protected. However, certain milestones in life can change this pattern, like retirement. This certainly rings true for Joanne Sterling from Manson, Washington, whose husband Jim had to make the bed after not minding the task for over 45 years. This situation may have raised your brow, but as we said, spouses become in charge of certain responsibilities that the other must not intrude on.

Jim never had to tidy the bedroom for two and a half decades because he was always busy with work. But things are different now because he’s already retired and no longer has to join the morning rush. So his loving wife Joanne decided that it was high time for him to take a more active role in keeping their home nice and tidy.


Meet the Sterlings

“Jim was put in charge of making the bed because I have always taken care of everything in the house while he was working. Now that we are retired, it’s time for him to pull his own weight around here!”

joanne and jim sterling
Joanne Sterling


Joanne Sterling’s husband must now make the bed every morning after not doing the task for over 45 years

In the beginning of Jim’s journey, he only made his side but it didn’t take Joanne long to ask him to fix up both sides. And the results of Jim’s attempts are nothing short of amusing. It seemed that he couldn’t figure out what to do with the decorative pillows that Joanne has styled so well for so long. But instead of getting frustrated, he turned the baffling situation into a hilarious game of ‘what-will-Jim-do-with-the-pillows-today’ instead. “He did and started playing with the pillow arrangements to make me laugh,” Joanne shared.

“After 45 years Jim is in charge of making the bed every morning. I don’t think he knows what to do with the extra pillows.”

jim make the bed may 10
Joanne Sterling


“Here’s today’s design.”

jim make the bed may 11
Joanne Sterling


“Managed to hide all my fancy pillows today.”

managed to hide the fancy pillows
Joanne Sterling


“Haha the best!”

jim decides to make the bed by stacking all the pillows together
Joanne Sterling


Jim’s amused wife documented his creative approach and shared the photos online

On May 10th, Joanne decided to share her husband’s artistic approach on her Facebook account. And her daily documentations have turned into internet gold in no time. In fact, they were even featured in the local news for it already! However, the attention his creative executions have attracted sort of threw him off his game. There was a day where Jim declared that he was ‘on strike’ and he left the room untidy.

“He learned he was getting attention online and let the pressure get to him!” Joanne recalled. “I can’t believe people are so amused by this. We try to make our relationship last by making each other laugh. I’m so glad people have been able to relate during this difficult time.”

jack went on strike and did not make the bed
Joanne Sterling


Jim got really creative with the pillow arrangements


“Guess we are sleeping with our heads at the bottom now.”

alternative pillow placement
Joanne Sterling


He was so invested that he even used plush props

jack makes the bed with plush accessories
Joanne Sterling


“Now he has props!”

jack decides to make the bed with flamingo props
Joanne Sterling


“Oh no Mr. Bill!”

jack creates a pillow fort when he went to make the bed
Joanne Sterling


“He said we watch too much Dexter.”

dexter-inspired bed arrangement
Joanne Sterling


“And this is the finale!”

the finale bed arrangement
Joanne Sterling

Luckily, he bounced back after, and continued his streak. Sadly, Joanne announced on May 21st that she will no longer be posting images of Jim’s arrangements. It may be a bit sad that we won’t be seeing anymore of Jim’s creations, but this couple has definitely given us something to look up to. The Sterling’s relationship is truly touching and is a fine example of what young couples should strive to be as they grow old together. They certainly know how to keep their humor alive!


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