10 Life Changing Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces


Although most of us would love to live in a large, spacious house with enough room to swing several cats, the reality is, most of us don't. If your apartment is cramped and lacks space, don't be down about it! Instead, think of every clever little way you can utilize the small amounts of space you do have. Check out the below ten ideas for inspiration.


Have you always dreamed of a walk-in wardrobe? Think it's impossible due to your small flat? 'Loft' your bed, and think again!


The most has been made of this tiny space with a loft bedroom allowing for living space, a tiny kitchen and even a bathroom too!


Save space with a moving cubicle as a bedroom.


The complete, free-standing kitchenette.

Make a painted table under a free-standing shelf to give the illusion of more space.



Make use of an 'L' shaped couch bed.


Claim the space around your windows.


Fold-out dining table set.

 A retractable bed.

Rotating bedroom divider that doubles as a book and TV shelf.