You Can Get An Oogie Boogie Candy Dish For Halloween

Candies are a sweet part of Halloween traditions all over the world and the spooky season just isn’t complete without these sugary treats. So, why not make the traditional ‘candy-giving’ a lot creepier by placing your Halloween goodies in this Oogie Boogie candy dish? This figural bowl features the devilish face of the infamous bug-filled burlap monster in the 1993 Disney film The Nightmare Before Christmas. But instead of bugs, you’ll be filling this monster with yummy treats.

And just as he said in the movie, it’s Oogie’s turn to Boogie now! This Halloween, let the villainous Boogeyman serve the candies to your guests or trick-or-treaters. Would they take a gamble and dare to slip their hands into the scary-looking candy dish? The gamble-loving burlap sack creature would love to see them try.


Oogie Boogie Candy Dish

oogie boogie candy dish

This Oogie Boogie candy dish features the head of the sadistic antagonist in his bright green color. It has a wide mouth opening with the monster’s large jaw serving as the bowl that can hold up to 45-oz of candies. The figural bowl is made from high quality porcelain with vibrant color and great details that also make it an impressive centerpiece for Halloween parties.

nightmare before christmas inspired bowl


oogie boogie candy dish figural bowl


oogie boogie candy dish halloween

The Oogie Boogie candy dish measures 10.75 inches tall and 10 inches wide which is big enough to be used as a Halloween prop when you’re not using it to serve candies. Furthermore, this item is an authentic Disney product. So, if you’re hunting for Disney collectibles then this should make an ideal addition to your collection. You can find this seasonal item in Target, both in-stores and online. One happy buyer wrote:

“The green color is vibrant and it’s a great size. The details on it make it look like a quality item. I highly recommend picking this up if you can find it.”


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Source: Target