The Pink Berry Hot Chocolate At Starbucks Tastes Just Like Angel Delight

In case you missed it, Starbucks UK and its other counterparts throughout Europe treated their customers with a pink berry hot chocolate for Valentine’s Day! The blushed beverage follows in the footsteps of Costa’s pink hot chocolate drink, which came out together as a part of their exclusive Veganuary menu. And, their offerings have, without a doubt, tickled everyone pink with their delicious drinks. Moreover, while both drinks share a common color, their flavors vary entirely.

Costa offered a drink made with Ruby Cocoa. On the other hand, Starbucks’ pink berry drink is infused with the sweet yet tangy raspberry flavor notes to boost their signature chocolate drink’s deliciousness. According to Starbucks, their hot chocolate comprises of raspberry syrup mixed in to their signature hot chocolate drink. The contrasting yet complementary flavors in Starbucks’ Valentine’s offering make it the perfect drink to sip on while strolling along the park with your special someone!


Starbucks’ pink berry hot chocolate is infused with raspberry notes to make your taste buds tingle with love

A raspberry-infused cold foam tops the romantic hot chocolate offering, which completes its rich and indulgent texture. In addition to their hot, indulgent pink drink, Starbucks also offered an iced version for those feeling a bit hot during the special day. Starbucks officially started serving the pink hot chocolate as soon as February rolled in. However, one location announced that the drink would only be available until February 16th.

Interestingly, samplers of the special Valentine’s sip have made a very sweet observation about the berry-fied drink. “Ordered this weird pink hot chocolate at Starbucks and it tastes just like Angel Delight placed on top of hot chocolate… it’s oddly amazing,” one sipper noted. However, others with more sensitive taste buds declared that the raspberry syrup infusion reminded them of… “travel sickness tablets”. Hopefully, you go to try this amazing berry-infused chocolate drink before it went off the menu. Between Costa’s pink chocolate and Starbucks’ pink berry drink, which drink do you think reigned supreme?