13 Of The Most Creative And Comfy Looking Beds You’ve Ever Seen

A bed is something that many of us take for granted. The place that we rest and recover from the stresses of daily life is a cherished one. Many of us would say we love our beds, but if money was no object, we’d probably choose something different. Here we have a glorious list of creative and comfy looking beds. We’re currently experiencing some serious bed-envy right now! One can only dream. Take a look and see which is your favorite! 

Creative And Comfy Looking Beds

The perfect place to slumber (and read) for book lovers. 

Built in TV’s are just awesome. 

If you only ever sleep in the fetal position, this bed is perfect for you! 

Wow! This giant cat bed wouldn’t fit through a lot of people’s doors! 

A hamburger bed made for the ultimate foodie. 

There’s something about being suspended in the air that just feels good. 

Nest yourself comfortably with this brilliant creation! 

We would never forget to include something for the pizza lovers out there. 

If you have trouble drifting off, this rocking bed might help you to fall asleep peacefully. 

This roller coaster bed isn’t very practical but is so cool to look at! 

Fall asleep under twinkling stars. 

This Totoro bed is calling out to us! 

This zip up bed offers a quick and no fuss way to make the bed!