Friendly’s New Cherry Pie Ice Cream Is Packed With Pie Crust Pieces And Has A Tart Cherry Swirl

How old were you when you found out that George Washington’s cherry tree story wasn’t true? Turns out, this touching story about the value of honesty was nothing more than a fabrication by one of the former US President’s biographers. Learning this fact may leave a sour taste in your mouth, but hopefully this cherry pie ice cream from Friendly’s can help wash it right out. The limited edition cherry pie-flavored frozen delight is themed after the iconic tall tale, so at least we’ve got that going for us!

This isn’t the first time Friendly’s has served us a crazily creative ice cream treat. In fact, it’s become their signature. Who else could possibly dream up and turn a Crayola ice cream cake into reality? Only Friendly’s! So we’re positive that every scoop or spoonful of this limited edition ice cream will be heaven melting in our mouths.


Friendly’s I Cannot Tell A Lie Cherry Pie Ice Cream is loaded with pie-tastic elements

On the carton, you’ll see a cartoon rendition of George Washington holding the proverbial hatchet and offering a slice of cherry pie. If that image doesn’t give you a hint what to expect, we don’t know what will. The limited edition treat consists of pie crust pieces and tart cherry swirl. The combination of these ingredients offers an interesting and delightful snack/dessert experience. It’s like having cherry pie á la mode, but better!

Instagram snack hunters have spotted the limited edition flavor from Friendly’s in their local freezer aisles. Both @junkfoodinthetrunk3 and @frontpagefoodfinds stumbled upon the special flavor at Walmart for less than $3. So if you’re looking to dig in to some cherry ice cream goodness, you know where to go. Friendly’s has indicated the ice cream flavor is limited edition.

So you’d better get your hands on a 1.5-Quart carton before it disappears! The cherry tree myth may not have been real, but at least we know this one is! Also, am I only the only who started humming Baby Got Back with altered lyrics? Tell me I’m not alone in the comments!