People In The UK Can Finally Get Their Hands On The Delicious Kit Kat Biscoff Bars

Nestlé and Lotus have come together to give us the snack of our dreams: the Kit Kat Biscoff minis! These tasty little treats are widely available in the rich country of Dubai and GBGifts is letting us in on the fun by importing them to the UK! The snack importer announced the arrival of this snack combo in mid-January 2020. Needless to say, confectionery fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the exciting new Kit Kats. In fact, these Kit Kat have sold out multiple times, leaving GBGifts to continuously restock to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Judging by this response alone, it’s safe to say that these new Kit Kat Mini Moments have broken us into a whole new world of deliciousness!

Kit Kat minis are perfect for those moments when you find yourself needing a little sugary boost in the afternoon. And these biscoff-infused minis are an absolute game changer, according to those who’ve tried it. The reason for the overwhelmingly positive response is the generous layer of biscoff hidden underneath the thick chocolate shell. Classic Kit Kats are great, but this collaboration is pure snacking genius!


The Kit Kat Biscoff minis offer a whole new break-time experience


Dubai supermarket shelves are stocked to the brim with the Kit Kat treats


The mouthwatering minis are currently available on GBGifts. You can get them in pairs for £2.99 plus postage and packaging online. But if you know two mini bars won’t be enough, GBGifts also offers packs that contain seven delicious pieces. The packs are currently on sale for £9.99, so you’d better act fast and click on that ‘Add to Basket’ button before their stocks disappear again! Or, if you’ve got travel plans to go to Dubai anytime soon, you’d better make time to drop by their supermarkets and stock up!

Source: GBGifts