20 Cute Necklace Designs You Will Love


Wearing an eye catching necklace is one of the simplest ways of adding style to your look. These 20 photos are of some of the coolest and most creative neckwear around. Style is very individual and every one of these designs makes a statement. From environmentally aware pieces such as the gorgeously sweet wearable planters below to the more avante garde, it's all here. What do you think about the human hair necklace? Wow or eww? Let us know in the comments below.


A Wearable Planter


Matching T-Shirts and Necklaces


Here Comes The Sun


Dessert Jewelry


Swinging Girl Necklace


Human Hair Necklace



Wrecking Ball Necklace


Tightrope Walk Necklace


A Walk in the Park Necklace


BFF Pizza Slice Necklace


Jewelry for DJ's

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