You Can Now Get A Bottle Of Glittery Snow Fairy Gin For Christmas

We’re finally on the final stretch before Christmas! Special season-exclusive products are popping up left and right. Most brands have capitalized on the holiday’s most recognizable symbols. On the other hand, several brands have crafted their own gloss of the season’s essence. Among these unconventional offerings is the Snow Fairy gin liqueur from Home Bargain.

snow fairy gin
Home Bargains

At first glance, you wouldn’t think that this is just another bottle of gin. But that’s how all magical things always want the unworthy to think. Holiday offerings typically come in loud, bright colors to match the festive occasion. Don’t let this gin’s muted presentation fool you though! It’s themed after snow, after all. In comparison with tasteless snow however, you can expect a burst of flavor with every sip of the Snow Fairy Gin.

Manchester Drink’s holiday gin offering features notes of cinnamon, spice, and orange, all of which are quintessential winter drink ingredients. Furthermore, the distiller has mixed in a fairy water to the liqueur to completely capture winter’s essence in gin form. This magical gin concoction only has an alcohol by volume (ABV) relate material of 18.7%, which should be enough to get you happily buzzed during the holiday.

Add a touch of glamour and magic to your holiday soirees with the Snow Fairy gin liqueur.


When shaken, the Snow Fairy gin swirls into opalescent clouds that resemble enchanted blizzard. It’s the only blizzard we ever want to encounter, honestly.  This shimmering gin will certainly earn some oohs and aahs from your soiree’s guests throughout the season. So if you want to win this year’s holiday extravaganza, you’d better hurry over to the Home Bargain nearest you. All 500 of its stores carry this limited edition product, so your chances of scoring this season’s most magical gin is pretty high.

This isn’t the first time that Home Bargains has made sparkly drinks. Before the release of this powdery opalescent gin, Home Bargain released a glittery pink unicorn gin liqueur and a bright parma violet version. Fancy as this boozy beverage may seem, it actually won’t break your bank! This winter-inspired drink only retails for £8 for a 50cl bottle. The whimsical isn’t available for online purchase on the Home Bargains site yet, so you’ll have to schedule a trip to their physical stores. Our boozy dreams have come true!