The Craziest Things Parents Have Said To Their Kid’s Teacher


Teaching must be an incredibly rewarding profession, giving kids and young adults all the help and encouragement they need to get places in life. On the other hand though, teachers work long hours and have a lot of pressure. Yes, it is rewarding, but have you ever thought about the crazy things teachers must hear when they’re at work? Here we have 15 of the craziest things parents have said to their kid’s teachers and it’s hilarious, take a look!


“I am a middle school teacher and I had a student sexually harass me. I filed a complaint and it was sent to HR. The boy was transferred out of my class but the mother complained to the school that it was my fault because I looked too young to be teaching middle school.”


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 “I’m sending a WINDOWS laptop that I personally configured to school with my daughter. I will not have my daughter being taught to use an Apple product. I work for a major computer technician company, and I can personally attest to the fact that everything Apple makes is pure garbage. You’re hurting the students more than helping them, as every major company uses Windows software. I am also going to be filing a complaint with the school board. I know this is not your fault personally, but I know there is something you could do to stop it.”


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A university student turned in work that his mom bought from someone else! His mom had this to say in their defense:

“I BOUGHT the paper. I PAID for it with my money. He didn’t STEAL it – how is that not fair? I paid someone to write it, they sold their work and he turned it in. It’s YOUR job to grade it.”

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“I’m paying you (the school) all this money for my child’s education, there’s no way they should be getting a C!”

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When a student had their iPod stolen from class, their teacher did their best to deal with it.

“He told the class that stealing is a crime, and people go to jail for it every day. He received a reprimand from the administration after one of the kid’s parents complained that he told them that stealing is a crime.”

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One kid ate his own poop and his parent seemed to think it was fine!?

“Well he was hungry!”

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One guy’s kid skipped three lessons as well as the final exam and her dad said this:

“My daughter is unique and special and gifted, and deserves a better grade in music.”

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“One time a child peed all over the bathroom in the school. When we brought it up with the parent, they demanded to know why we didn’t teach them how to properly use the bathroom.”

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When a student was given detention for attacking a fellow student, his mom said:

“He has track sectionals this Saturday and doesn’t need people giving him any more distractions or undue stress, thank you very much.”

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This mom’s son copied his mid-term paper from one written by his own professor and she said this:

“Well you should take that as a compliment!”

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“My daughter gets ‘A’s in every class, why does she have a ‘C’ in your chemistry class? What are you doing wrong?”

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“Please refrain from giving (my daughter) quizzes in the future as they tend to adversely affect her grade.”

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“I don’t think my son should have to learn no fancy equations. I never learned no math and I don’t want him learnin’ them and thinking he’s smarter than me.”

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“A parent complained that her son spends his late nights gaming rather than sleeping and asked what I, the teacher, was going to do about it.”

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SIDS is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome…

“He misbehaves because he had a mild case of SIDS as a child.”

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