The ‘Dunky Cup’ Is A Mug Purposely Built To Please Cookie Lovers

Dunking cookies in milk has never been easier with the Dunky Cup. This cup is so convenient that it allows you to bring your cup of milk and cookies in one container. Because you know, cookies taste better when you dunk them into hot milk. And it’s not just a promotional campaign popularized by a popular cookie brand. There’s actually a scientific reason why dunking cookies in milk tastes so good. Cookies and other baked goods feature a chemical called methylbutanol that gives off a distinctive toasty flavor when dipped into hot beverages.

dunking cookies into hot milk mug

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way of dunking cookies into your milk, this Dunky Cup is your ultimate solution. This high-quality mug has four separate pockets (holders). Three of which are used to hold three sandwich-type cookies separately. The fourth and largest pocket is where you pour the beverage. It can contain up to 8 oz of milk or any type of beverage such as chocolate or tea.

dunky cup cookie milk holders


The Dunky Cup features four separate pockets to hold three cookies and milk

dunky cup 8oz capacity

The Dunky Cup is made from FDA-approved, BPA-free plastic. This handy mug is microwave and dishwasher safe (top rack). Plus, it features a large, ergonomic handle for easy grip. Since it uses extra heavy-duty material, you can ensure that it can last for years to provide you a lifetime of dunking.

It measures 5.4 inches wide, 3.2 inches tall, and 4.4 inches deep weighing only 0.71 pounds. You can choose from two different package colors –  blue and red. Additionally, the package includes 4 Oreo cookies inside, making it an ideal gift for your kids and loved ones.

dunky cup blue packaging


dunky cup red packaging


dunky cup free oreo cookies


dunky cup cookie four pockets


dunky cup snack time

Not just for Oreos and baked goods, the Dunky Cup also works for nachos and carrot sticks. Furthermore, you can pour any type of dips or sauces in the 8oz cup for your dippable snacks. Get the Dunky Cup here and get ready to dunk and enjoy snack time with your kids. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Bought for a gift and it was a complete hit. Oreo lovers who love milk with their cookies, this is for you!”

dunky cup for kids


dunking cookies into milk plastic mug


dunking cookies into milk mug


dunky cup milk cookies

Get it yours here.