19 Simple DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas You Will Love


Christmas is approaching and 'tis the season and all that, so it's really time to think about decorating your home, if you haven't already. Sure, you could just deck the halls with boughs of holly, whatever that means, but if you want to get a little bit more creative, then take a look at these DIY decoration ideas. Rather than shelling out top dollar for fancy decorations, why not craft your own? Not only will they look amazing, they'll be more more meaningful, too.


Make a wreath out of yarn.


Or out of toilet roll inner tubes.


Old wine bottles can be transformed into festive decorative vases.


Turn jars into waterless snow globes.


These tea cup ornaments are adorable.


Old stemware can double as a snow globe and a candle holder.


These Santa cutlery sleeves are perfect for Christmas dinner.


Plus DIY Santa hats make great decorations.



If you've got any little ones in your family, try making these footprint reindeers.


Or make reindeer ornaments out of old puzzle pieces.


A deep frame can be filled with ornaments for a festive feel.


Try your hand at making these cute ice cream cone tree ornaments.


Turn humdrum ornaments into amazing hot air balloons to hang on your tree.


Old Hessian can be turned into gorgeous, rustic ornaments.


Check out this hanging bauble Christmas tree.


Customize your own clear glass ornaments.


Making your own stocking is simpler than you might think.


These Santa hat chair covers are amazing.


Make stunning mosaic ornaments from old CDs.