These Giant Fur Mittens Will Keep Your Hands Nice And Toasty Through Winter

As colder weather draws closer, hands and fingers would require a little extra care and protection. It is for this reason that we need to get these giant fur mittens. Exposure to the winter air can lead to hand discomfort associated with numb, tingling fingers. This is because cold temperature causes blood vessels in the extremities to constrict resulting to limited blood circulation.

Pain, soreness, and swelling can be perceived in the affected area if left untreated. So, how can we protect our hands from the unforgiving winter cold? Wearing mittens is definitely the most ideal way to keep our hands toasty in the winter. But if regular winter mittens are still not enough to keep your tootsies warm, then you need to consider getting these giant fur mittens.

giant fur mittens lithuania

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Aren’t those fluffy mittens too big for normal-sized hands? Hence, the name ‘giant’ fur mittens. The ridiculously large size may make them look more like gag items than practical mittens. But these giant mittens are made with super thick fur. So, there’s a reason why these fur mittens look so extra huge. Furthermore, it has a gentle wool lining in the inside that fits like a regular sized glove. It also has an adjustable wrist for a more comfortable wear.

giant fur mittens


giant fur mittens blue fox


giant fur mittens winter hand


giant fur mittens scandinavian blue fox


giant fur mittens comfy warm

These giant fur mittens feature white fur with black tips and are handmade from Lithuania. Each mitten is made from high quality fur from Scandinavia. If white-colored mittens aren’t your cup of tea, there are other color options to choose from such as the red and purple versions.

The giant fur mittens are also available in red and purple colors

giant fur mittens red color


giant fur mittens purple


giant fur mittens purple color


giant fur mittens red


giant fur mittens purple fox


giant fur mittens white with black tips

Get the giant fur mittens here.

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