Situations That Show Cleverness Is Everywhere

 The one where you’re running late for work, but breakfast is life.

The one where a flower shop tells you how it’s done.

The one where people just simply amaze you. How did they even manage to pull this through? We would never know.


The one where inspiration is just everywhere. If there’s a will, there sure is a way.

The one where Santa cosplays, too. Now we know Santa’s favorite movie character!

The one where you just want to stay indoors but your cat has other plans. Problem solved!

The one where you want to chill in the pool but your buddy has a better idea.

The one where the native has a cooler ride than you. How does this thing even work?

The one where it finally pays to keep your favorite childhood toys.

The one where you badly need to regain the money you spent during the holidays.

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