Pictures Showing How Simple Things Can Go Terribly Wrong

The best things in life are often the simple things that make us happy. But even the most conventional things can go horribly wrong at every turn. Failures and mistakes are the main reasons why things don’t turn out quite as expected. People either try to fix the mistakes or just live by them. We often have the mentality to accept failures as it is and laugh it off. Besides, you can’t take life too seriously, can you? These people captured some epic failures on camera for you to have a good laugh. Enjoy these funny pictures showing how simple things can go terribly wrong.



Seems like he picked the wrong bird for a selfie.

Iamherefortehmemesandboobs / imgur

Wow. Utter fail.


Welcome to the house of bubbles.

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When your dog want to be sneaky and get into your purse. Now we know that karma doesn’t exempt dogs.

milesf / imgur

When charging a phone gets too complicated.

giraffaholic / imgur

A wife decided to knit a pair of socks for her husband. Well, she couldn’t be more proud of her work.

astral89 / pikaby

Probably best to eat somewhere else?

OldManStar / imgur

Normal stuff going wrong


It would be nice to jump on a trampoline on top of a tree.

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What a way to ruin a celebration.

argyles / imgur

When simple things just go horribly wrong. That pillar was a car-magnet, it has to be!

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Nobody likes to sit on this chair and it’s easy to know why.

when simple things go wrong
brewmahn / imgur

One of the worst things about being short.

Pauznet / imgur

This guy took car-washing to a whole new level. The car owner will be very pleased with this.

averyboredperson / imgur

My Mama told me not to laugh at other people’s misfortune but… forgive me, Mama.

Iamherefortehmemesandboobs / imgur

When you try to lie, at least make the effort to make a more convincing lie.


What has been your most epic fail in life? Share your stories below!