12 Adorable Miniature Crochet Animals You Will Love

For those that have a love for animals, this is a post for you! What’s cuter than animals in general? Miniature crochet ones! Etsy store ‘Mohustore’ offers a wide variety of adorable, little creations. Everything from a pug, all the way to a walrus, there’s something to appeal to everyone. What’s more, you can actually crotchet your own animals by purchasing one of Mohustore’s amigurumi patterns and kits, giving people an opportunity to own the crochet animals whilst having the satisfaction of knowing they created it. Take a look!
Website: Etsy

Many of the animals come in a range of colors.

We love the fuzzy touch on this walrus!

Sloth hug, anyone?

The cutest pack of lamas we’ve ever seen!

The only kind of bee we’d actually enjoy the presence of!

Look at those adorable ears!

For pug lovers…

We love the little eyes all of the animals have.

A narwhal you need not fear!

An octopus that won’t leave you covered in ink.

The panda design is definitely one of our favorites.

A shot of just some of the gang hanging out!