The Gift Of Nothing

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Give something extra special this year to the person who has everything- give them the gift of nothing! Watch their confused expression as they open their unique gift. This product contains nothing and will do nothing. A great joke gift!



  1. Tom Platt

    so it 'contains nothing and will do nothing' but will cost you £8 ?!

  2. Bradley Nyauncho

    In a nutshell…yep.

  3. Sara Balmbra

    You want £7.99 for plastic and cardboard? The fuck is the matter with you retards? First you want nearly £300 for a bloody chess board, now you want almost a tenner for a "joke". Fuck off!

  4. Brianna Cisneros

    Only $0.99 for me. x"D

  5. Kathleen Marie Stewart

    Still ridiculous, & I'm sure there's s&h added.

  6. Kathleen Marie Stewart

    Still ridiculous, & I'm sure there's s&h added.

  7. Brianna Cisneros

    Kathleen Marie Stewart xD There's always a catch.

  8. Kathleen Marie Stewart

    Brianna Cisneros of course there is! Probably a $10 catch lol

  9. Margaret Washam

    Wow, you need to see a doctor about that.

  10. Whitney Muraldo

    Reduce £7.99 from any gift you buy and you'll have the item without packaging!

  11. Aleks Kisseloff

    just amazing-.-

  12. Hannah Palmer

    This website has got so confused between the prices £',s should be less than $'s meaning they should swap the prices round

  13. Darcy Hill

    I don't understand how it can be £7.99 and then only $0.99, I think you need to redo your maths GCSE love

  14. Amy Thorne

    "I bought you nothing, but it cost eight pounds so technically its worth something"

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