This Simple DIY Cat Run Doubles Up As Storage Space


Here at Awesome Inventions, we love a DIY project. Especially one that has two ultimate outcomes! Here we have a Reddit user who decided to create a cat run for his two little companions… not only that but it doubles up as a book/storage shelves! A cat run is a series of ledges and walkways made specifically for your family feline. Take a look below to see how this project was completed!


Start with some pine wood and cut the planks into even slabs. You can even stain it if you're feeling fancy!

Next, attach a set of metal brackets to the wall for each plank, ensuring that they're even. A staircase pattern is often a feline favorite!


Now attach carpet to the wood and set the boards on the brackets.



And there you have it! Stylish steps to keep your feline friend occupied endlessly.


This guy chose to put his stereo systems underneath, but the possibilities are endless. They could also be used as book shelves or just general extra storage space!


Here the cat run is in use. Fully approved!