NeoClick Balls

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

These are highly addictive and the possibilities are endless! Awesome!

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  1. Tammy Spivey

    My son would love these!

  2. Tammy Spivey

    My son would love these!

  3. Nathan Deane

    these are like….banned….in the usa…………….:/

    • Jenny Thi Le

      if these were banned why are they still selling it in stores? '__'

    • Taylor Sanchez

      Cause americans are apparently stupid and swallowed them 1 too many times haha

    • Elena K Sweetapple

      Wow, a few children swallow them and get them banned and you automatically assume we're stupid. Not to mention you just laughed about a kid who probably got organ damage. Your cool.

  4. Heidi Zadler

    why are they banned?

    • Kyle Brummet

      because they're super strong magnets, and too many cases reported in the US of people swallowing them and causing serious damage to their organs.

    • Chris Johnson

      How old are these people who swallowed them exactly?

  5. Matthew Gibbons

    Stupid Americans… wait I am a americans.

  6. Ellie-Rose Baker


  7. Missy Turner

    I'm English nd I don't think there banned here

  8. Alexa Massaro

    It was because some crazy mom

  9. Sander Pieters Poelman

    'I am a americans' yeah seems legit

  10. Bradley Ryan Hayes

    hahahaha an English teacher that uses the wrong form of they're….right

  11. Cheryl Mendoza

    There was an episode of '1000 Ways to Die' about these. A company called Buckyballs manufactured them. I bought a few before they were banned. All in all, fun toy as long as you're not a moron.

  12. Brooklyn McClennen

    Bradley, where the heck does it say she's an English teacher? God you're judge mental.

  13. Josh Typek

    weird hair missy (it looks disgusting)

  14. Vishwas Agrawal

    i like to have this one …….

  15. Violet Barfield


  16. Jacob Gorman

    Why cant it be bought for USD?

  17. Nerhys Court

    Josh Typek asshole

  18. Adrian Co

    um… what does it even do??? O.o

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