Light Up Umbrella

Make your way through those dark rainy nights in safety and style! This futuristic LED lighted umbrella will keep you dry and make sure you're visible with its brilliant blue LED. Operation is simple. There are 3 modes controlled by a push button on the handle. One push is slow flash, 2 pushes is fast flash, and the third press is steady on. They run on 4 AG13 batteries which come installed. Length- 32 inches — Opened Diameter- 41 inches

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  1. Hadi Al Tawil

    You're not fooling anyone ! I am still sure this is a sword :p

    • Chastity Marie Embick

      It's not a light saber either.

  2. Angelo Ospina

    Awesome that's so cool I like it

  3. Fara Dila

    I so want this.

  4. Nimkii-kwe Wabigoon

    Mosquito magnet…I still want one….lol

  5. Brett Urquhart

    Rebel Rach, Wes Pope, it's a sabre in disguise!

  6. Debbi Dorey


  7. Cat Mcstay

    I get

  8. Kels Marie

    James Wells you need this! haha

  9. Krista Greenawalt Aaron


  10. Clare Ingham

    this would be ideal for night fishing its ace gunna order my bob ollie one 😛

  11. Bass Kbo


  12. Sarah Stehling-Romig

    Ivo Romig

  13. Paige Turner Owens

    This would be the only umbrella that Jeff would use

  14. Sarah Jacques


  15. Jaxom Nutt

    Looks like its straight out of Blade Runner =D.

  16. Tracey Grayling

    I want one of these.. not too expensive either.. great for nightime

  17. Chastity Marie Embick


  18. Aoife Kavanagh

    In fact I need this.

  19. Rushabh Parekh

    I sell these too…..

    Rushabh Parekh
    "The Equlisers"
    Mumbai, Inida.
    M: 0091 98203 89464.

  20. Kat-e Sally Neumann

    Gonna get one and take it to burning man!

  21. Chris Jones

    I got mine from for 10 pounds (GBP).

  22. Tina Tobener


  23. Tina Tobener

    Live in the snow and rain going to order one

  24. Andrea Gaia

    Cant buy in NZ Though. where can I import some for me and my friends?

  25. Andrea Gaia

    Cant buy in NZ Though. where can I import some for me and my friends?

  26. Dylan Greaney

    all I see is a cheep light sabre.

  27. Aiden Reed

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  28. Alejandra Magna

    It would be terrific if it had a shorter version, to keep it in the handbag.

  29. Matt Mashton

    great for night time shinanigans

  30. Ceci King

    This is awesome

  31. Erin Wilcox

    Good idea

  32. Aaron Richardson

    all I see is something that someone else does not have. This will sell very fast to star wars fans

  33. Aaron Richardson

    Chastity Marie Embick party pooper

  34. Jimmy Santos

    Looks like the ones from blade

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