Picnic Backpack


This awesome picnic backpack is perfect for any adventure or even a romantic picnic for 2 under the sun! Contains a roomy cooler section and is lightweight making it easy to carry.

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  1. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  2. Heather Kirk

    Love this

  3. Amanda Holleufer-Taylor

    love it

    • Marie Dominique Whitfield

      I want!!!!

    • Marie Dominique Whitfield

      I want!!!!

  4. Kalamity Kyrie Holmes

    need this!

  5. David Oquendo

    Elizabeth Oquendo we can do the Leu Gardens movie night with this.

  6. Cheryl Lindsay

    Toby Lindsay

  7. Diana Paola Betancourt

    pra uma tarde no parque das nacoes Carla Grellmann, Luiz Spricigo Jr., Ludmilla Moreira Soruco Paulon,Silvio Cesar Paulon, saudade.

  8. Leslie Schmid

    Billy Brotherton, we need this for wine and cheese hiking.

  9. Rebecca Mottas- Aviles

    I have one and I love it! I use it for the Beach and everywhere, it's amazing the uses it has, and it's light weight even considering everything's that in it.

  10. Louise Charlotte Cronje Dissington

    if you live in the uk, aldi have these for £19.99.

  11. Nick Ridley


  12. Jeremiah Pegues

    post a link!

  13. Sayed Hussain


  14. David Oquendo

    Also for leu gardens date nights.

  15. Elizabeth Oquendo

    Wink wink! R u asking me out on a date baby?

  16. Kai Jud

    very cool esp for them outdoor summer concerts

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