Glass Skull Cup

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Let everyone know you mean business by drinking your favourite refreshments out of a skull! Well… A glass skull, to be specific. This glass skull drinking cup holds up to sixteen ounces of liquid and adds character to any drinking set.



  1. Shravs Pinky

    hey frnds nice glass kada.

  2. Daniel Jackson

    for me please.

  3. Stéphanie Van Kemseke


  4. Letícia Leal

    pri pra vc!

  5. Malcolm Elliott

    I want this glass it is so cool

  6. Jex Meow

    oohh! cool!

  7. Preet Khokhar

    very interesting

  8. Beverly Miller

    I want to order this.

  9. Tony Murphy

    it's too big! would be a perfect whiskey glass if it was half the size.

  10. Sharon Thompson

    Lisa Pipitone, another one for you!

    • Lisa Pipitone

      would love this

  11. Ellie Killian

    Love this stuff definitely am looking

  12. Tina Tobener

    So cool

  13. Jaso Blackdeath

    woww i need one 🙂 i really need :))

  14. Gabbie Parry

    I like it

  15. Kristina Marie Kempf

    id like a set of these

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