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Corn Kernel Remover


Stop eating corn with your hands like a caveman – now you can easily strip off the corn with the kernels remover and have a tasty side dish ready to eat!. Just run the remover down a piece of cob, and drop the corn onto a plate.


  1. Robin Levine

    What do you think about this Kim?

  2. Fanie Deschamps

    Wow thats cool and great invention. Many people can not eat from the cob

  3. Kameron King


  4. Kymberlee Brunner

    OMG Brandon Dreyer and Ann Wambach! Some one we know should invest in one of these! hahahaha

  5. Ashley Siegel-Brown

    Mike Brown, we need this! (:

  6. Lissa Marie Howe Oliver

    Robyn Davis, thought you might like t his!

  7. Nvs Pradeep


  8. Renee Mountain

    @dana bogdan u want this lol

  9. Veronica Pedroza

    Diana Rivera te voy a comprarrr uno de estoss porquee aaa como molestass con tu lentitudd jajajjajaa.

    • Veronica Pedroza

      Diana Rivera

    • Veronica Pedroza

      Diana Rivera

    • Veronica Pedroza

      dianaaa ya vist?

    • Veronica Pedroza

      dianaaa ya vist?

    • Veronica Pedroza

      Luis Rivera apoco no???

    • Diana Rivera

      jajajjajajaja nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Diana Rivera

      todo menos esoooo u.u

    • Veronica Pedroza


  10. OneofakindMomma SweetestYankee


  11. Mandy Pinto

    If you want corn off the cob… why not just spend the 97 cents and buy a bag of corn? I'm pretty sure the whole point of corn on the cob is that its ON the cob lol.

    • Michele LaFontaine Edwards

      hard to roast niblets on the grill

    • Mona Hutto

      most young people don't know this im guessing lol when you grow your own corn in your own garden and want the corn off the cob to fry in butter and seasoning, this is the perfect way of doing it besides using just a knife

  12. Cassie Morgan

    great gift for my mother-in-law 🙂

  13. Cassie Morgan

    great gift for my mother-in-law 🙂

  14. Tia Atchison

    Ryan you should totally get this^_^.

  15. Adam Richardson

    An essential must have kitchen utensil for every aspiring homosexual male.

  16. Sullibet Ramirez

    Mamiiii necesitas comprar esto. Letty Alvarado.

  17. Aiken Dercksen

    Carol Diakoyannis

  18. Nadene Schutte

    spoils all the fun in have a mealie or corn the traditional way…. with butter and salt – hands and teeth.

  19. Jessica Schwartz

    Corn on the cob tastes completely different from the corn you get from a bag…and ESPECIALLY different from the canned crap. For people like my Dad (who has false teeth and can't eat corn on the cob) this is awesome….that is, if it actually works.

  20. Nitika Jain

    Hw much according 2 indian currency??¿¿

  21. Paul Taylor-Byrne

    This is the work of the devil!!!

  22. Tania McWilliams

    Ah the old corn on the cob suddenly becoming loose corn conundrum. I am buying one stat.

  23. Tania McWilliams

    I want the human bowling ball game. It looks fabulous.

  24. Amy Shopey

    My best friend would love this!!!! It gonna be one her wedding gifts :)!!!!

  25. Kevin White

    John Bobbit's glad his wife Lorena did not have one of these!

  26. Tara Boley

    Finally, someone that gets it.

  27. Michelle Devorak

    Need It love it gotta have it!

  28. Phyllis R. Ferrell

    The best thing about corn is eating it off the cob!!