Crystal Skull Shot Glass

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Drink from the skull of doom with this Crystal Skull Shot Glass. Able to hold up to 2.5 ounces of your favourite liquor in it’s unique inverted skull shape! Hand blown crystal clear borosilicate glass.



  1. Mary Becker Hall

    gotta get me some of these!

  2. Daniel Jackson


  3. Stéphanie Van Kemseke

    ça j'aime

  4. Stephanie McGuire Lefever

    Think i might get a few for my house… my husband would love it

  5. Dee Makahnouk

    Catherine Jubinville these kool too eh.

  6. Joshua Cyrus


  7. Nugget Curboy

    how do I order one?

  8. Jesse Floyd

    Chris Pichardo

  9. Brian Daunter

    Kim your new glasses.

    • Kim Bouquiaux

      Lol Wayne Already Bought Me Some x

  10. OneofakindMomma SweetestYankee


  11. Joe Kelly

    Where is the buy button?

  12. Joe Kelly

    Where is the buy button?

  13. Paul Dua

    Um… holy crap… I need this, lol.

  14. Amanda Lee

    how can I order a few off these glasses there is no buying part on the page… some assistance wood be kindly appreciated thanks.

  15. Kirsty White

    hehe one for you Terry Whale x.

    • Kirsty White

      Oops Terry Whale tag didn't work first time x

    • Kirsty White

      Oops Terry Whale tag didn't work first time x

  16. Lindsey Buxton

    ordered mine now.

  17. Nyall Nyall

    How do you order as the more info link doesn't work.

  18. Stephen Watts

    how much? it wont show more info for me.

  19. Sharon Thompson

    Lisa Pipitone, here you go…can order them here!

    • Lisa Pipitone

      love it 🙂

  20. Eric D. Caggiano

    I gotta get a few of these…..

  21. Eric D. Caggiano

    I gotta get a few of these…..

  22. Angelina Sibaeva

    How i can by?

  23. Barry Dirickson

    I want

  24. Ashley Henderson

    Crizzle Skull… thought of you…

  25. Ashley Barnett

    really cool

  26. Gabbie Parry

    Fucking GR8

  27. Jacquelynne Nannie Collins-Kemp

    Someone from this website needs to make it easy and clear how one orders things from the site,!!!

  28. Rozma Speno Orton

    Its jus so awesome lyk wow….

  29. Donna Morales Advincula


  30. Josh Brierley

    click more info it takes you to the amazon links

  31. Judy L Doffek-Gorski

    Josh Brierley and at the amazon links it costs more why???

  32. Alexandra Di Raddo

    Very halloweeny, I like it !

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