8 Common Side Effects Caused By Stopping Birth Control Pills


Often called the greatest scientific invention of the 20th century, the oral contraceptive pill, of which there are now dozens of variants, had a massive impact on society. It has given women the chance to choose when, or if, they want to have children, so they can further their careers. Birth control pills were quickly embraced by millions and today, 'the pill' as it is often called, is still relied upon by a significant percentage of women! Not only do birth control pills prevent pregnancy, they also help to regulate periods and reduce PMS symptoms. If you're thinking of coming off of the hormones, you should know about the side effects that it can cause. Just like the 8 listed below! Take a look!


Smaller Breasts – If your breasts got bigger when you went on the pill, then there's a good chance they will revert to their former size!



Increased Risk Of Pregnancy – Pretty obvious, right? Well, what many women don't realize is that it's possible to fall pregnant the minute you stop taking your pills. There is no grace period!



Increased Libido – Get ready to feel more randy, as the libido suppressing effects of the pill wear off!




Weight Fluctuation – This one is hard to predict, so be ready for anything.



Irregular Periods – As your body adjusts to producing its own hormones again, you may find the timing of your periods is a little out of whack.



Heavier Periods – Yes, that's right your periods will be significantly heavier. And, you'll also likely get cramps.


PMS Like Symptoms – As the hormones contained within the pill gradually work their way out of your system, you may experience moodiness and tender breasts. Also, these sort of PMS symptoms will likely rear their head each month, if you are prone to them!



Acne – Unfortunately, once you're off the pill you are more likely to experience breakouts!


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