Construct A Straw

Who said straws had to be standard and boring? Get your thinking cap on and build endless crazy straw designs for the fun of it! Once your done using them wash them up and use them again! Awesome!

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  1. David Hill

    Brett Verstandig, one for u mate.

  2. Tina Merraine

    Love this – looks like fun!

  3. Momo Bunnii Imvu

    I would have so much fun with this!

  4. Sepideh Stypayhorlikson

    Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

  5. Sophia Espinosa

    I can get this at bed, bath, and beyond for a cheaper price!

  6. Maile Nguyen

    Do u know how much it would be for at bed bath and beyond???

  7. Susan Watson

    Daaaanaaaa!! Andrew Mcleod

  8. Susan Watson

    Oi look see what I found for you and im still half sleeping! ! Andrew Mcleod xxx

  9. Misty Higgins Newton

    Ashley and Shannon I'm getting you this!! Hahaha

  10. Misty Higgins Newton

    Ashley Shaw Newton and Shannon O'Neill

  11. Shannon O’Neill

    Ashley loves this one! 🙂

  12. Drea Bia GummiBare

    I would totally use this in every drink everyday everywhere I go lol

  13. Kyle Porter

    @nicole paige hodgson i want these

  14. Jacqueline Roxman

    Love it

  15. Kayge Simmons

    only 11 dollars on amazon

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