Nerf Sniper Rifle

With this awesome, air-powered dart blaster, a “long shot” is a good thing! Measuring three feet long, this blaster is the longest NERF blaster yet and fires up to 35 feet. Attach the barrel extension for long-range targeting and use the tactical rails and flip-up sight to help you zero-in on targets near and far.

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  1. Sarah Hall

    Need to get this for my boys!

  2. Paul Brocki

    Who doesn't want one of these

  3. Sarah Marie Carey

    Zaene Wayland

  4. Anonymous

    sucks. doesn't shoot very far.

  5. Anonymous

    suck. doesn't shoot very far.

  6. David Weller


  7. Spencer Rubin

    oooooooh 35 feet!

  8. Stephen Howarth

    Just what I need for my 40th 🙂

  9. Natalie Harris

    Direc Tori! Just what you need!! 😉 xxx

  10. Andrew Holmes

    Yes I want one

  11. Angelo Bianucci

    I wonder if there's a way to increase the range and accuracy. 😛 I'm sure there is.

    • Alex Suprise

      yes by exchanging the spring for on that is highr tension. But this will make the gun much more likely to brake

    • Kevin Boudreau

      Another thing someone can do is put a small bearing in the Nerf dart. You may need to glue it in there, and that will give the darts more weight and momentum.

  12. Mike Adduce

    why is this 179 dollars? I bought this for 30 at target.

  13. Mike Adduce

    why is this 179 dollars? I bought this for 30 at target.

    • Kevin Boudreau

      Noticed. I've got one in my bedroom it was only $30 at Zellers. They're ripping people off big time here.

  14. Noah Pete Babak

    got one already.

  15. Larry Bobbitt

    Oh no! The administration will ban this next.

  16. Irvin Graham

    I got mine for 30 at Wal-Mart so why the hell is this one 179 ?

  17. Ben McCaughtry

    You can buy a real gun for this price

  18. Steven Reed

    you'll put an eye out that way!

  19. Chaya Carney

    Will for you gun nut XD.

  20. Gerald Ryan Brouard

    I got this for like 30 bucks, I ended up returning it because it sucked. It dosn't fire fart enough or with enough power.

  21. Ryan Shah

    Hannah Lynn Fernie I think you need one of these!

  22. Adriano Brito Balbas

    I don't like this gun

  23. Adriano Brito Balbas

    I love it

  24. Albert Mank

    ya, one that can even kill at maybe, well, idk 35 Yards

  25. Jonathan VanOrder

    lolyeh, I could buy a Mosin Nagant for this price.

  26. Casey Wegner

    what a ripoff

  27. Heroic Knives

    Guys don't buy it I got one a couple of years ago for like $30 dollars.

  28. Daniel Bratulin

    Jonathan VanOrder The mosin almost serves the same purpose because it doesn't actually harm anyone

  29. Albert Mank

    Daniel Bratulin dude, wtf, the mosin is a good rifle

  30. Jonathan VanOrder

    Daniel Bratulin Russian made rifle that was made in the 37 million mark, it's an amazing rifle. You seriously can't talk down to a rifle that's been in too many wars to list, that fires five 7.61x54mmR rounds, and that is effective up to 500+ meters… This rifle is a legend. But hey, everybody has a different tastes for rifles.

  31. Albert Mank

    Daniel Bratulin, the mosin is near invinsable, iraqveteran8888 had to make 2 seperate videos during the torture test for it… and it still did not break

  32. Brian Ashe

    $179? It's $299 now.

  33. Andrea Morris Bourque

    I want it for 30!

  34. Michael Godoy

    Kevin Boudreau I don't think they sell it in stores anymore…I don't even think you can order one from Nerf now…

  35. Simeon Overbo

    Steven Reed I really wouldn't worry about that. For starters, he did say IN the dart, which would mean it'd be covered by a wide, soft plastic cap. Secondly, ball bearings really don't weigh that much. For that matter, even a decent /Airsoft/ Rifle will have a hard time causing permanent damage to an un-shielded eye further than 80 -100 feet away. This pitiful little thing can barely fire a much wider, much softer projectile 30 feet. Honestly, the worst this projectile would probably do is irritate the eye. Yes, you should still wear eye protection when using any type of gun, be it real or fake, but in this case you would wear it to stay in the habit of wearing eye protection when handling an air or real rifle. Long story short, you'd have to apply modifications to both the gun and the dart to do anything even remotely resembling lasting damage, and those modifications would probably cause a catastrophic failure of the gun's internal /and/ external structure before it was even fired. In sum, nothing to worry about.

  36. Katy Townson

    $300!? You rip off bastards!!!!!

  37. Katy Townson

    & I call bullshit on the 35 feet! Nerf always exaggerate! Their 25 feet guns, are more like 10 feet!

  38. Bena Bedtekemnehtayem Alec

    This is like 20 bucks at our home hardware.

  39. Alejandro Ibarra


  40. Jeff Turgesen

    Jonathan VanOrder Hell you could buy THREE Mosin Nagants at that price! They should change the name of this website to RIPOFFINVENTIONS.COM

  41. Bill Other

    They still sell this model in Walmart as of aril 2014

  42. Bill Other


  43. Matt Man Hyland

    The review of these gun is terrible!, does not hit 35 feet, only just manages 20, and its not £103.99 its more about £20-£30!

  44. Tomas Johnsen

    Want one right now 😀

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