Slip And Slide

Amazing fun through the summer with the ultimate way to keep cool. Attach your garden hose to the slip and slide wave rider and have hours of splashing fun. The wave rider has an inflatable splash bumper guard, with a wall of water to shower the rider as they slide.

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  1. Samantha Jane Cooper

    Gotta buy this for the summer.

  2. Meem Hussain

    its only fun it you have an actual incline in your yard.

  3. Kirsty Young

    They suck I have one and they don't work.

  4. Deborah King

    I miss playing with this as a kid.

  5. Jacqui Bilger

    Hey Glenn Bergin…thinking you need to market "YOUR VERSION" of the "slip and slide"!!! {Ronald McDonald, available at an additional charge, of course..!!!} What are your thoughts Michelle Weiss, Holly Balcom, Ed Krumm???? LMAO!!!

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