13 Of The Best And Funniest Text Responses To An Ex

Unless you’re lucky enough to be one of those rare people who find the love of their life on their very first date, most of us have exes in the woodwork who are ready to pop out at any moment. There are some who might have broken your heart in a terrible way and you’re still trying to get over, and then there are those who you laugh about and wonder what you were thinking going near them. So, when an ex texts you unexpectedly, how should you respond? Here are thirteen people who got it right! Some of these are just hilarious, whereas others are awesome or badass. These are people who just don’t have time for their loser exes, and we salute them! Take a look!

Have you ever had to tell an ex where to go after a bad breakup? Feel free to share your stories in the comment section below!

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