Introducing ‘Shittens’ – Disposable Mitten-Shaped Wipes For All Your Poop Cleaning Needs

Changing a baby’s diaper is one of the most fundamental life skills you need to learn as a mom. And we have the innovators behind these disposable mitten-shaped wipes to thank for, for making our lives a bit easier. Aptly named Shittens, these wet wipes are shaped like mittens so you can slip it on over your hand. These disposable mitten-shaped wipes will completely protect your hands from icky poos while you’re changing your baby’s diaper.

shittens disposable mitten-shaped wipes

Not just for babies, you can also use these disposable mitten-shaped wipes for your pets, your elderlies, and even yourself. You can guarantee that these wearable wet wipes will help prevent all sorts of accidental fecal contamination on your hands. Obviously, no one wants to get an ounce of poop on their hands. One pack contains 20 moist wipes that are made from eco-friendly materials. This product is FDA-approved and is 100% safe for babies, pets, and adults. Each mitten-shaped towelette measures 7 inches by 5 inches.

shittens disposable mitten-shaped wet wipes


shittens disposable mitten-shaped wipes for pets

Get these disposable mitten-shaped wipes here and protect your hands as you carry out the dirty deed. The Shittens can also come in handy for other non-poop related situations. These wipes also work well in cleaning after spillages and removing sticky stains on your car. And yes, you can also use it remove dirt and make-up from your face. Plus, it smells so great too.

shittens disposable mitten-shaped wipes clean spillage


shittens disposable mitten-shaped wipes remove stains



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It comes in a resealable pack to keep the contents clean and fresh. Moreover, this highly-rated product has an Amazon’s Choice mark along with its 4.4 out of 5 stars rating. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Do you have kids? Well I do, and kids just hate wiping their butts! I have found this mitten to be my favorite butt wipe of all time. It cleans well, covers their hands well, and can be reversed. Okay on sensitive skin even!”

Get yours here.

Watch the video below to learn more about the ‘Shittens’