The Touchless Automatic Faucet Provides Hands-Free Sanitation In Your Home

Protect yourself and your family from germs and viruses with this touchless automatic faucet motion sensor adapter. Frequent and proper hand washing is important to stop the spread of viruses, especially now during the pandemic. Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), hand sanitizers and antibacterial hand soaps have significantly surged in demand. Furthermore, touchless soap dispensers have become an essential in homes and public places to help reduce the risk of contact transmission. However, the effectiveness of soaps and touch-free soap dispensers come to naught when the hands still come in contact with the faucet tap or handle.

Turn your existing faucet automatic by installing this motion sensor adapter into the spout. This rechargeable motion sensor adapter is compatible with M22 male & M24 female thread. It comes with M22/M24 connector, O rings, filter, spanner and a USB cord. The sensor is equipped with a built-in Li-ion battery that can last for over 9 months of use when fully charged. Just place your hands under the spout to start the water flow. The water automatically stops when you take your hand away from the spout.


Touchless Automatic Faucet Motion Sensor Adapter

hands-free motion sensor adapter

This automatic faucet sensor adapter works in two modes: continuous and instant. It uses two types of sensors: the upper sensor located in front of the spout and the lower sensor located below the spout. For a continuous water flow, simply wave your hand near the upper sensor to get steady running water. Wave near the upper sensor again to stop the water flow. The lower sensor, on the other hand, activates only when it detects objects within its sensory area. And automatically stops when it detects nothing.

touchless automatic faucet sensor adapter modes


touchless automatic faucet upper sensor


touchless automatic faucet lower sensor

Before installation, make sure that the sensor adapter is fully charged for at least 4 hours. Clean the sensors to make sure they are not covered by drops of water or dirt. The upper sensor flashes an indicator light while the continuous mode is running. If the indicator light continuously flashes or has no flash at all, it’s time to charge the battery. With this automatic faucet sensor adapter, there will be no cross-contamination between users. It’s a convenient way to stop the spread of viruses and also an efficient way to save on water usage. Whether for hand washing, dishwashing or food preparation, this sensor adapter provides hands-free water flow to ensure hygiene.

touchless automatic faucet sensor adapter


hands-free autowater motion sensor adapter


hands-free autowater sensor adapter


“I have owned a motion sensor faucet for over 15 years. This is the best one I have owned.” one satisfied buyer wrote. “There are no buttons to push or batteries to replace. It is completely hands-free. The adapter was easy to install and works as expected. A USB cord and washers are included. Charging time was minimal. I recommend this faucet.”

touchless automatic faucet motion sensor adapter


hands-free autowater motion sensor

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