14 Adorable Matchbox Greeting Cards That Would Make Unique Gifts – Part 1

Greeting cards are something many of us will send several times a year on numerous different occasions. Generally, it’s fairly easy to find something suitable but there’s no denying that the whole process can seem a bit overused and boring at times. However, here we offer a super cute alternative brought to you by Vietnamese shop ‘shop3xu’. The unique online store offers adorable ‘matchbox greeting cards’ with a huge variety of choices for any occasion. Take a look!
Website: Etsy

Bill Withers is stuck in our head now!


How had we not heard this line before?!

For the nerd in all of us…

For those that love giraffes!

This statement couldn’t be more true…

Pacman will always be a classic!

For the Facebook obsessed!

A great one for the Pokemon lover in you life…

Forever and ever…

We love this one!

The perfect match…

Good advice!



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