People Share What It’s Like Living With A Couple

Many of you reading this will have shared accommodation before with people who are in a relationship. For some, this runs smoothly with no problems and can even come with certain perks. However, for others, living with a couple comes with a multitude of irritations and dilemmas. Below we have a selection of first hand accounts describing some of these issues. Take a look and see if you can relate!
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This must be so difficult to watch when you are trying to come to terms with being alone! 

This does sound very awkward, indeed. 

This doesn’t seem like a fair system at all. 

We can’t help who we fall for but we hope that this person didn’t ruin the girl’s relationship.

The right person always comes along eventually! 

It’s okay to be dependent on someone and it’s okay to be independent. This person sounds a little bitter. 

These aren’t very nice things to wish for! 

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The only way to get around this one is to tell them that they are being too loud and hope it’s not painfully awkward afterwards! 

Jealousy is a normal emotion. It’s how you cope with it that counts! 

People shouldn’t be subjected to other people’s relationship issues. 

This is very inconsiderate! Some people are just so rude! 

This seems a little extreme! 

Being a third wheel can absolutely suck sometimes! 

The husband sounds like a creep. We feel sorry for this person.