11 Ingenious Hacks For a Bug-Free Summer


Summer days should be long and fun-filled not filled with attacks by pesky bugs. Yes we know that bugs are essential for the environment and that they do a lot of good within the natural world but bug-enhanced burgers are something no one wants at their summer BBQ! So check out these 11 awesome anti-bug tips for a relaxed and fun summer outdoors. You will be glad you did!


A great anti-wasp strategy is to place lemons stuck with cloves around the home or yard

cloves in lemon


Another useful anti-wasp tip is to place bowls containing cedar chips, mint leaves or lavender around the home

anti moth plants


Baby oil is wonderful for repelling mosquitoes

baby oil repellent


Burn sage on a bonfire to keep flying insects at bay



Putting sage or rosemary on the BBQ is another very effective way of keeping flying bugs away

herbs bbq coals


An old soda bottle makes a great cockroach trap

bottle cut up


Sprinkle cinnamon or use sidewalk chalk wherever you have an ant problem

cinnamon line container


Growing garlic in your yard will ensure your bug problems are a thing of the past

garlic growing


A dish of soapy water will repel mosquitoes

soapy water dish mosquitoes


Wasps really hate flea collars so place them around your property if you don’t want wasps around

placing flea collar


Orange citronella candles are another very effective way to keep flying bugs at bay

orange citronella candles

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