Professional Interior Designer Shares 24 Clever Home Improvement Ideas. They Are Fantastic!

Every one has an image in their head of the things they would include in their dream home. Unfortunately for many of us, these things are often financially out of our reach. However, there are many home improvements you could do that won’t break the bank! Here we have a great selection of varying home improvements. Some require some funding and determination, others are easy to make happen. There’s something to suit everyone and plenty of genius ideas in the mix.

A laundry room sink that has built in jets!

Say goodbye to having to separate your delicates from your other clothes and taking turns to wash them. Now you can do them both at the same time with a sink that has built in jets!

home improvements a sink with jets in laundry room

Accordion windows for the kitchen!

Accordion windows are so simple and easy to use. They allow plenty of air to escape which is perfect for when you’re cooking and want to quickly remove any lingering odors! 

home improvements accordion windows

Add a decking area!

Adding a decking area is just wonderful for summer. You can feel like you’re on holiday all year!

home decking

Baseboard storage!

So many of us have baseboards with empty space behind them. Convert them into drawers!

home improvements baseboard storage

Recycling and garbage chutes!

Make waste disposal more convenient by installing chutes in your kitchen!

home improvements garbage shutes

Add extra storage space under your stairs!

So many people neglect to utilize the space under their stairs. If you don’t need it for anything in particular, why not transform the area into storage? You can never have too much extra space!

home improvements stairs storage

Create a small office space!

For people who work from home, you’d be so amazed at how much more you can get done in a productive environment. Don’t just sit slumped on your couch, give yourself a proper work space, even if it’s small!

home improvements small office

Seating by the fireplace!

Make it easier for friends and family to heat up and relax by adding seating around your fireplace!

home improvements fireplace seating

Bath side fireplace!

Reach your full potential when it comes to relaxation by adding a fireplace next to your tub. 

home improvements fireplace near tub

Create a secret room!

Many people would love to have a secret room but think it is too complicated. It really often only boils down to making sure the door/entrance to the secret room is disguised as something else. Simple hinges are often all that’s needed!

home improvements secret room

Slumber with the clouds around you!

By using cloud themed wall paper, you will naturally rest more easily. This calming and peaceful environment is a great addition to any home!

home improvements nap in clouds

Create a bedroom for your dog!

Give your pooch a special area that is their own by creating them a bedroom under the stairs! It will be out of the way, saving you space.

home improvements dog bedroom

Make a cozy nook!

We all need a special place to just catch our breath and relax. If you’ve got a spare bit of space and don’t know how to fill it, a nook is always a fantastic solution.

home improvements cozy nook

Lower your living room area!

Blow away your guests with a unique living area that ‘sinks’ into the ground. It adds space, character and allows you to feel more intimate with your family and friends.

home improvements lower living room

Hidden counter space!

If you lack kitchen counter top space, why not have an extra surface hidden away for when you need it? 

home improvements hidden counter space

Add a seat into your shower!

If you aren’t a fan of baths, but you hate having to stand up in a shower, why not fix the problem by adding a seating area to your shower? 

home improvements comfortable shower

Built in bunk beds!

Bunk beds are so handy when you have multiple kids. Why not make built in ones that really give the room a more sophisticated feel?

home improvements built in bunk beds

Book shelf under the stairs!

If you’re a book lover then a book case under the stairs could be the thing for you. Plenty of space and it looks great!

home improvements hidden book shelf

Sleep under the stars!

Sleep under the stars with a rooftop window. 

home improvements starry night

A pull out bed!

So many people over look this idea but you only have to see the image below to see how great it can be! We love this room layout!

under the bed storage

Walk in shower!

Cut back on the amount of cleaning you need to do by eliminating the glass doors of a normal shower. 

home improvements walk in shower

Vacuum Baseboards!

Fed up of using a dustpan and brush? Or, bringing out your vacuum cleaner? Well, with this simple add on to your baseboards, simply push your dirt into the allocated area and watch it be sucked away!

home improvements vaccum baseboards

Install 2 dishwashers!

Wouldn’t life just be easier with 2 dishwashers? You could have one for crockery and one for glasses and cups. With 2 dishwashers, you’ll never be lacking when it comes to having clean dishes!

home improvements two dishwashers

Create a tree mansion!

If you have the time, resources and the money, why settle for a small playhouse? Create a fantastic tree mansion instead!

home improvements tree mansion

Make the most out of a shed!

It’s easy to overlook the potential of a shed. Sometimes their outer appearances are a bit shabby but there are so many things you can do with the space inside! You could create a greenhouse, pub shed, art space, the list goes on!

home improvements transform a shed