18 Photos of Silly Situations the World Has to Offer

Life is always full of silly situations, both ups and downs. It’s everyday we get surprised with what life has in store for us. These silly situations can make or break our day, but we always hope that every day is full of the fun kind. Here are 18 random photos of crazy situations that will definitely surprise you!

These are a few silly situations that will leave you wondering.


Well, that’s one way to look after the clothes you hang dry.

High-time that someone steps-up their snowman-building game.

This person seemed to be in quite a rush after using the toilet that not only he left his slippers but also his underwear on the spot.

So…uhh… if that’s the toilet, then where can you wash your hands? What does the sink look like?

It seems like it has a tighter grip than using the hands.

The Indians has officially extended their time of the year.

It’s hard to figure out whether or not this were a grave…but it’s actually just an information TV. Someone did a little decorating.

Look, she’s making new friends in the train by getting herself in this silly situation.

Underwater has been redefined with a mountainous scenery.

Apparently, butterflies are now living underwater.

His toilet has been stolen… who steals a toilet in the first place? Somebody really needed one.

“An ice cream cone is ordering an ice cream cone from an ice cream cone.” Sounds like a new tongue twister.

When you forget to put toasted bread during the shoot. After all, that’s why photoshop was invented…to correct silly situations like this.

USPS don’t know how to read, apparently.

Joke’s on you, Mr. Officer!

Not all advertisements are usually as honest as this one.

Even the police force needs a little help sometimes together with a few drug dealers.