13 Creative Ways To Cure Your Boredom


All of us suffer from boredom once in a while, it's just one of those facts of life. However, you have to remember that there are endless things to do out there and these things don't have to be big or special. Sometimes, the simplest of things are highly amusing and can keep you entertained for hours. If you feel like you're stuck in a boredom rut, check out these thirteen things you could do to entertain yourself. Some of them might seem a bit silly at first, but you'll thank us later! Check it out!


Got an old velour couch? Did you know you can use it to make some fantastic artwork?


This prank's always good for a laugh. Sit back and watch the chaos unfold!


You could always make a scorpion out of office supplies.


Fluffy dog? Give him an amusing haircut!


Use props to take funny pictures of your co-workers.



Not content with funny pictures? Prank your co-workers, instead!


Make an awesome mural out of 'post-its'.


You could use your free time to freak people out!


How about trolling colleagues or loved ones by covering their mouse sensors?


Get crafty and make a 3D drawing of your hand.


Or find creative ways to doctor the bindings on your notebook.


Here's one if you haven't cleaned in a while…


Or get endless amusement from giving your pets eyebrows.

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