Confessions From People That Lost Their Virginity Before Marriage

To marry someone means to love that person wholeheartedly whatever the circumstances are. It is where two people are being bound as one. In line with this, many couples choose to be intimate with each other, although not all.  Regardless of one’s gender, many of us have made a pact with ourselves at some point to treasure and save our virginity for the one we’ll marry. Some people stick to this, but for others, a different path is taken. That being said, here are some confessions from people that lost their virginity before marriage.
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#1 The good thing about this one is that there are no regrets after it happened.

#2 Waiting for the right time is good. But in today’s time, perhaps there is also nothing wrong with being open to possibilities.

#3 No regrets! 

#4 Sometimes, you just change your mind! Simple. 

#5 Don’t beat yourself up. Anyone who would view you as tainted for this doesn’t deserve your time. 

#6 When you’re on the spur of the moment, it’s either you resist the temptation or you give in to it. You decide.

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#7 One wrong move and everything you’ve kept for so long is now gone.

#8 As we age, our views can change pretty drastically.

#9 Do as you please but don’t tell others what they should do! 

#10 Ah, the influence brought by this type of show is really something that we all must ponder.

#11 We hope that this person didn’t end up doing something they regretted. Emotions can take over sometimes. 

#12 We don’t see anything wrong with this. 

#13 Perhaps, it all begins with yourself. If you really are determined to stop, then it will happen. Mind over matter.

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