Useless Yet Ingenious Pieces Of Advice For Everyday Life

Sometimes, we all take life a little too seriously. So many people think that they know what’s best and what’s right over others. For example, it’s no secret that the internet is full of conflicting information! Here we have a rather amusing list of useless yet ingenious pieces of advice. Whilst it is true that some of these tips would work in real life, most are meant purely for your amusement and we do not recommend trying them out yourselves! Take a look and enjoy! 

Useless Yet Ingenious Pieces Of Advice

Missing a corkscrew? Don’t fret just freeze the bottle! 

Hands free sun protection. Brilliant! 

When the weather gets warmer, hang your radiators outside to give yourself more space indoors. 

Drill holes in your car’s radiator to prevent over heating. 

Save on washing up by using your hood as a bowl. 

How to test if people are complaining about nothing… 

Say goodbye to tears when cutting onions with this awesome hack. 

Is your car making a strange noise? Turn the volume up so you can ignore it. 

Keep your grass clean by vacuuming it once a week. 

Too much water in your rice? Throw a few old phones in. 

Protect yourself from radiation by storing your phone in an aluminum container. 

Fed up of people invading your personal space? Problem solved! 

Save yourself time and effort by only painting the toenails that are going to be on show.