This Single Dad Went To Beauty School To Learn How To Style His Daughter’s Hair


Single dad Greg Wickherst loves his daughter Izzy dearly and when she asked him to fix her hair into a ponytail, he wanted to do it right. Rather than ask a relative for help or check out internet tutorials, he decided to go one step further…he went to beauty school!

Working at a college with a cosmetology department, he set himself up with some beginners classes and found that he was a natural! He now even has his own page on Facebook where he gives and receives tips and tutorials. Greg says that parents should thoroughly enjoy every moment with their kids:

“The good and the not-so-good. Even the blowout diapers, the tantrums in the store, and the late night, up sick, catching-throw-up-in-your-bare-hands nights. Because it doesn’t last forever.”

Check out his cool handiwork below!

Website: Facebook

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