Impressive Pictures of Rare Things We’ve Never Seen Before

The world is more fascinating than we ever imagine. If we could travel every corner of the world, we may be able to see rare things we’ve never seen before. But visiting every corner of the planet is impossible, right? It would probably take a lifetime to explore every nook and cranny of the world. Luckily for us, we can now wander everywhere without leaving our seats with the help of the Internet. People are quick to share amazing photos of spectacular things that we don’t get to see every day, all thanks to the worldwide web and file sharing. We have gathered the most impressive pictures of rare things we’ve never seen before.



Fish meat isn’t always pink or white. There’s one unique fish which flesh is bright blue.

rurlygonnasaythat / Reddit

Built in 1965, Island Freeman is an artificial island in San Pedro Bay, California, constructed to tap into the East Wilmington oil field.


These black opals look like some magic items trapping some mystic energy.

genericusername5 / Imgur

A great reminder of the Cretaceous Period, this large fossil of crinoids was found from the Kansas ocean.

WG55 / Reddit

This lavafall must be a wonderful sight at night with its glowing lava flow.

molnix / Reddit

Spectators feast their eyes on this art display at Peabody Essex Museum.

SnapneckLife / Reddit

Rare things can be so unusual. This caterpillar looks like its own galaxy!

Unknown author / Imgur

Unusual and fascinating things found around the world



This train travels through an occupied residential building in China.

Exclusivepix Media/EAST NEWS

This emu egg was actually sold on eBay. Now who wants an emu for a pet?

mwasbabu16 / Imgur

One remarkable camel flaunts its fabulous hairstyle.

molnix / Reddit

I bet you’ve never a set of teeth like this. This is a crab-eater seal’s skull which explains why the teeth are designed that way.

PremiumImgurUser / Imgur

This is not your typical butterfly. Take a look at those wings and you’ll understand why this butterfly is special.


We don’t want to be anywhere near a volcano when it erupts. But this photo gives you a glimpse of what an ash stream looks like during eruption.

kbowser / Imgur

A blue whale skull with a human for scale.

Melivora_capensis / Reddit

The Black Swallower is a species of deep sea fish that can swallow fish bigger than itself. Nature can be so weird!