Photojournalist Magnus Wennman Sheds Light On Where Syrian Refugee Children Must Sleep


To help shed light on the atrocious conditions suffered by Syrian refugee children, Magnus Wennman, a photojournalist from Stockholm, produced this heart-rending series of images. Entitled 'Where The Children Sleep', the series is the result of Wennman's recent journey through nations where Syrian families are fleeing to get away from the ongoing conflict in their homeland. Wennman told 'CNN' that while the reasons for the conflict itself may be hard for people to understand, 'there is nothing hard to understand about how children need a safe place to sleep'. Take a look!
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Lamar, 5 years old, Horgos, Serbia


Abdullah, 5 years old, Belgrad, Serbia


Ahmed, 6 years old, Horgos, Serbia


Maram, 8 years old, Amman


Ralia, 7 and Rahaf, 13, Beirut



Moyad, 5 years old, Amman


Walaa, 5 years old, Dar-El-Ias


Ahmad, 7 years old, Horgos/Roszke


Shiraz, 9 years old, Suruc


Shehd, 7 years old


Amir, 20 months old, Zahle Fayda


Juliana, 2 years old, Horgos, Serbia

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