These Lime And Strawberry Margaritas From Aldi Are Ready-To-Drink

There may be hundreds of cocktail drinks for us to choose from but no drink will ever compare to simple sophistication of the margarita. It’s one of those timeless sips you can have any time – it doesn’t matter if the sun high above our heads or if its on its way to replace the moon. No matter the situation – whether you’re nursing a recent heart break or celebrating, a margarita is always a good idea. And now you won’t even need to dress up and go to a bar or break out your shaker to get your margarita fix with Aldi’s ready-to-drink lime and strawberry margaritas courtesy of Rancho La Gloria!

Margaritas are easy to make. However, every bartender and cocktail connoisseur has their own version of the Mexican classic. Sometimes you’ll get one that’s too strong, other times you might find yourself with watered down mix. Luckily, you won’t have to struggle with getting the perfect mix with these fruity and boozy drinks from Rancho La Gloria. Plus, you’ll definitely want to give the these margaritas a try, because instead of being made with hard-hitting tequila, they’re made with 100% blue weber agave wine!

lime and strawberry margaritas
Rancho La Gloria


Aldi is serving ready-to-drink Lime and Strawberry Margaritas made with agave wine

Blue agave wine and tequila are similar, yet entirely different alcohol drinks. Both drinks are taken from the agave plant. But they do not taste the same. The blue agave wine contains lower alcoholic content than tequila. But the blue agave wine allegedly makes margaritas taste just as good, if not better, than the ones made with tequila. That being said, every 187 ml and 1.5-liter bottle of Rancho La Gloria] Margaritas both pack an impressive 13.9%ABV. Every 250ml can of the drink will have 9.9%ABV, which should be perfect if you just want something to sip while chilling wherever, whenever.

lime margarita
Rancho La Gloria


rancho la gloria strawberry margarita
Rancho La Gloria


You can also enjoy the fruity cocktails in smaller bottles

rancho la gloria lime margarita in small bottles
Rancho La Gloria


small bottle strawberry margarita
Rancho La Gloria


The new Margaritas are the perfect summer cocktail drinks

If you’re looking for something to wake you up, you’d best try the Lime Margarita. You’ll catch notes of lime and lemon-curd meringue with a sorbet finish on the Lime Margarita. These tangy flavors will surely have you perking up in no time! Meanwhile, the Strawberry Margarita consists of the combined flavors of fresh lime and ripe strawberry with the agave wine. This berry-flavored ready-to-drink cocktail will be perfect for when you’ve got a barbecue event, pool party, or beach outing.

rancho la gloria lime margarita in can
Rancho La Gloria


rancho la gloria strawberry margarita in cans
Ranch La Gloria

All you really have to do to enjoy the lime and strawberry margaritas is to pour it over ice. Aldi detective @aldi.mademedoit and slew of other margarita-loving shoppers have already found these zesty ready-to-drink cocktails on Aldi’s shelves. Each bottle will set you back $12.99, which is quite reasonable since it’s ready-made. The margaritas come in 187ml bottles, 250ml cans, a 750ml bottle and in keg form! These refreshingly fruity drinks are now available at Aldi and H-E-B. You can also opt to order a 750ml bottle at Drizly or through MiniBar Delivery.


People are grabbing bottles now, don’t miss out

Source: Rancho La Gloria