Give Your Instant Pot The Upgrade It Truly Deserves By Turning It Into R2-D2

We’re living in an era where instant gratification is king. Certainly, many of us are fans of the Instant Pot. Most of the time, though, we just don’t like how it looks on top of the counter. But, it’s also time-consuming to take it down when not in use. Confusing, right? But some great news is really coming! By using this ingenious Instant Wrap, you can now have the R2 D2 Instant Pot!

Yes, you can now dare take a proud look as you gaze into that pot. It would really look like R2-D2. Using magnets, the wrap would “wrap” around your Instant Pot. Eventually, it will provide a rich intergalactic finish into the cooking appliance. It looks like it can both fight against the Dark Side and cook meals at the same time.

front view r2 d2 instant pot

Made of high-quality plastic, the R2 D2 Instant Pot wrap gives a luxurious satin finish to your favorite pot.

Here’s a deal-breaker, the wrap is even waterproof! Well, that makes for worry-free cooking. Enjoy some spills, and the clean up won’t be bad.

finished r2 d2 instant pot

Does This R2 D2 Instant Pot Wrap Fit Well With My Own Instant Pot?

Of course! The wrap comes in a set of sizes. Undoubtedly, one of them will fit your model — from 3 quarts to 6 quarts.

sticking the r2 d2 instant pot wrap
robot looking r2 d2 instant pot


side view r2 d2 instant pot


left view r2 d2 instant pot


other side view r2 d2 instant pot

Want the R2 D2 Instant Pot Wrap? Get yours here.

What If I Like BB-8 Better Than R2-D2?

bb8 vs r2 d2 instant pot

No problem! Just take Instant Wrap’s BB-8 version, and you’ll soon have a BB-8 cooker! You can check out the BB-8 Instant Pot wrap here.