New High Tech Cruise Ship Quantum of the Seas Has Robot Bar Tenders


If a regular cruise doesn't appeal to you, then how about a cruise into the future? Okay, so this cruise ship won't literally take you on a journey through space and time, but you'll feel like you're living in the future on Royal Caribbean's new ship, Quantum of the Seas. First off, the ship has 24-hour WiFi which allows guests to use an app to schedule anything and everything that they want to do on board. Each passenger also has a digital wristband which gives them access to their cabins and other facilities. Kids can have access to a fully equipped science lab, which is pretty cool, but there are even more awesome and surprising amenities on offer. 



There are 18 restaurants to dine in! This is the Grande Restaurant.


A cozy living room on deck 14 to chill out in.


These spacious, luxury staterooms have been designed by Genevieve Gorder.


The top deck features a glass observation chamber, known as the "North Star." It can be extended out for a glorious panoramic view over the ocean.


The North Star is 30 meters above the ship and offers guests 360 degrees views.




The ship has its own skydiving simulator onboard, so passengers can experience what it feels like to fall from the sky, all while safely ensconced in a glass tube.

But perhaps most awesome and futuristic of all is the robot bartenders who serve up cocktails on the ship. These robots have been programmed to be able to create almost any cocktail, and their elegant and precise movements were actually modeled on those of Roberto Bolle, a principal dancer from the American Ballet Theater.

Passengers order their drinks via a computer program, and these guys get to work.


This ship even has bumper cars!


Watch the videos below




Never before have we wanted to go on a cruise so badly!

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