This Multifunctional Sofa Bed Can Be Used As A Coffee Table, Desk And Chaise Lounge

Maximize your living space and get this multi functional sofa bed that can also be converted into a coffee table, desk and chaise lounge. So, you’ll get the functionality of 5 furniture pieces in one fixture. Modern living spaces have put compact living on the agenda. Indeed, urbanization has led to increased demand on multi-purpose furniture in order to spare more room where space is limited. Gone are the days when choices in furniture were limited to size, color and shape. Modern day fixtures have so many more features to offer than they were initially intended for.

With the demands on interior design creativity growing, multi-functional furniture has become a requirement for compact living. A convertible sofa, for example, is designed to smoothly transform from sitting to sleeping and vice versa. Hence, it eliminates the need to buy a separate bed which saves you a lot of space. If you’re still looking for something that could offer more than that then you might want to check out this sofa bed. This modern piece of furniture offers more than just seating and a comfy bed. It features a modular design that allows you to convert it into a coffee table, a desk or a chaise lounge.


Multi-functional Sofa Bed

multifunctional sofa bed pull out desk

This sofa bed is made up of two separate components: the sofa and the pull-out ottoman. The long ottoman perfectly fits under the sofa which allows you to spare more room in your living space. Featuring a modernistic style with a focus on comfort, the seating area comes complete with an inclined, soft backrest and sloped armrests for gentle support.

multifunctional sofa bed


modular furniture modernistic style

Pull out the lower part of the sofa and with the soft cushion on top, you can use it as an ottoman or a chaise lounge. Removing the top cushion reveals a solid wood desktop board that you can use as a coffee table. What’s more, the desktop can be lifted to create an elevated working desk. Below the desktop board are two storage compartments to keep your office supplies and tools at arm’s reach. The pull-out desk comes with universal wheels with a brake to let you pull out or push in under the sofa easily.

modular furniture


multifunctional sofa bed convetible ottoman

To convert it into a bed, transform the ottoman into a chaise lounge and attach it to the sofa through the metal frame. Unfold the seat cushion and use it to cover the metal frame that connects the chaise lounge to the sofa. And voila, you now have a double bed which is spacious enough for two people. This sofa bed also comes with 3 color block pillows filled with soft cotton. Needless to say, this modular piece of furniture has everything you need for a compact yet comfortable living.

convertible coffee table metal frame


color block pillows


multifunctional sofa bed dimensions


multifunctional sofa bed modular design

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