Pillsbury’s New Pumpkin Cookie Dough Is Ready-To-Eat Raw

We’re just a month away from pumpkin season so you already know what this means. It means we’re going indulge ourselves with all pumpkin-flavored goodies. And if you loved Pillsbury’s seasonal Pumpkin Cookie Dough last year, you’re going to love its new version even more. You already know by now that Pillsbury has been revamping its ready-to-bake cookie dough and turning it into a ready-to-eat treat.

Pillsbury has started with its Brownie Fudge and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. These ready-to-eat versions are guaranteed safe to be eaten raw. Although you can still opt to bake it if you prefer the traditional cookies. And since people loved the idea of chewy cookie dough that are safe to eat raw, the brand has decided to put more flavors on the table. So, it’s actually no surprise when Pillsbury unveiled its returning Pumpkin Dough in a new ready-to-eat form.


Pillsbury Ready-To-Eat Pumpkin Cookie Dough

pillsbury pumpkin cookie dough

Just like the version that came before it, the safe-to-eat-raw Pumpkin Dough is mixed with cream cheese chips. It also includes 12 pre-cut cookies which are twice the size of regular cookies. Of course, this autumn-inspired flavor is a limited-edition offering which only comes around during this time of the year.

Whether you choose to bake them or eat them straight from the pack, you’ll still get the savory taste of pumpkin. It’s just a matter of your choice in texture. If you want a crunchy cookie then bake it. But if you want the chewy and more concentrated form of the cookie itself then fill yourself up with the raw cookie dough.

safe to eat raw pumpkin cookie dough


pillsbury pumpkin cookie dough pack

Don’t forget to check out the refrigerated aisle on your next trip to the grocery store. It is currently listed on Walmart website. This pumpkin-flavored dough makes a perfect dessert after a meal or anytime you’re craving for a pumpkin-flavored snack.



Source: Walmart