Pumpkin-Shaped Dinnerware

Dine in the fall vibes by serving your autumn snacks and drinks in these pumpkin-shaped dinnerware. This fall-inspired tableware collection features a mug and a bowl, both in the form of the popular seasonal squash which has become a central element in autumn. If you wish to get everyone into the spirit of the season then you really need to get these mugs and bowls for the fall party.

These pumpkin shaped dinnerware are carved of stoneware featuring an ellipsoidal and spherical shape with smooth, slightly ribbed exterior. Both the mug and the bowl come in colors orange and white. The stoneware are finished in matte glaze to add a touch of sophistication to the autumn table.


Pumpkin-Shaped Dinnerware

pumpkin shaped dinnerware

The pumpkin shaped mug measures 5.75 inches wide, 3.5 inches high with a diameter of 4.25 inches. It can hold up to 18 oz of your favorite fall beverages. So you can sip your pumpkin spice latte, honey coffee, hot holiday cider, hot chocolate, chai tea, and other favorite fall drinks from a cup that conforms to the season. Get your sweet taste of fall with the cozy beverage of your choice and get the most out of the moment.

pumpkin shaped dinnerware mug


fall-themed mug white


fall-themed mug orange


autumn-themed stoneware mugs


pumpkin shaped dinnerware white mug



fall-themed mugs

Serve autumn’s best flavors in these pumpkin shaped bowls and watch the party come alive. Each bowl measures 3 inches high with a diameter of 6 inches and a capacity of 30 oz. Perfect for pumpkin soup, pumpkin snack mix, caramel corn, warm spiced nuts, apple salsa, and other fall favorites. You can also use it to store Halloween candies and get them ready for trick-or-treat.

pumpkin shaped dinnerware bowls


pumpkin shaped dinnerware bowl white


pumpkin shaped dinnerware stoneware


pumpkin shaped dinnerware mug and bowl


fall-themed bowl orange

This fall-themed dinnerware is dishwasher and microwave safe. The mug and the bowl is sold individually or as a set of 4 (of the same kind). In addition to the mug and bowl, the pumpkin shaped collection also includes a tureen, a large serving bowl, and a dip bowl. However, all these three items are available in white color only.

pumpkin shaped dinnerware collection


fall-inspired tableware


fall-themed stoneware mug and bowl


autumn-themed mugs

Source: Pottery Barn