Psychedelic Images That Will Absolutely Expand Your Mind

Get ready for a mind-bending trip to the world of phantasm with these psychedelic images. There’s a something oddly satisfying when our eyes play tricks on us. Our minds can only process what our senses perceive. But there are also instances when the mind doesn’t agree with our senses. And that’s when strange illusions happen. Images are powerful enough to distort our perception of reality. We are about to show you how these psychedelic images can blow your mind. We guarantee that every photo on this list are unfiltered. So feast your eyes and mind on these photos, and enjoy a prismatic ride.




Mind-blowing fact #1: This is not a painting, it’s a photo of a real girl. Mind-blowing fact #2: This photo is not filtered, the liquefy effect is done by makeup.

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

That’s a perfectly flat floor but the optical illusion compels you to believe that it’s not.

Reddit | Krusader67

This incredible street art is made from trash. One man’s trash is truly an artist’s treasure.

Reddit | gjw04

What your eyes conceive may or may not be what it is. What can you see in this photo? Are you looking at the ground from a tree-top? Or are you looking at the trees from the ground?

Reddit | Aeogor

This is how most villains look before they melt into their deaths at the end of every movie.

Reddit | MattCloudy

How many fingers are there? Don’t let the painting fool you. There’s actually only 5 fingers in there.

Reddit | PalmBreezy

You may think this is just a simple reflection of the sky on a street puddle. But then you wonder where the camera was despite the angle this photo was taken.

Reddit | Zooby123

Mind-bending photos that will make you trippy



What happens when you throw a hot tea in the air of -40° temperature? One daring man tried it and this is the result.

Reddit | LittleDank

The position of the speaker tripod stands leads you to think that this photo is weird. But this is actually a normal photo turned upside down.

Reddit | UnacceptableUse

A service worker took this picture during a wildfire in this forest and was amazed to see purple fire coming from this certain tree. We’re as amazed as well.

Reddit | Grown_Man_Poops

This intricate drawing makes this hole looks so real that looking at it makes me worry of falling into it.

Instagram | visothkakvei

This photo isn’t Photoshopped or filtered. Certain parts of this abandoned building are painted with colors to create this illusion.

Reddit | starstufft

A useful life hack for painters: you can reuse those empty Altoids tin as a portable canvass so you can copy anything, anytime you want.

Reddit | dickfromaccounting

This painting looks so lifelike that the fish almost moves by itself.

painting looks so real psychedelic images
Reddit | outrider567

Here’s a stunning zoomed-in photo of an eyeball in high definition.

Reddit | PurestVideos